So jealous of Leda..

So tonight, I tried to bleach my hair for the first time. With Kaleidocolors blue bleach, and a 20 volume developer. I’ve dyed my hair black for over a year now, and its naturally a dirty blonde color basically browner during autumn/winter. Anyway. I bleached my hair first for 30 mins, it was already fading and my roots were my natural color. I used a unred packet, with my bleach and I still got redish tint to it, nothing really changed except my hair got lighter and my dark brown hair (no real black left) got a little lighter.

Again for an hour.

Nothing really changed except I became more of a ginger than anything xD I got redish brown hair and blonde roots. I look like the crazy lady that let herself go physically, not the good kind of crazy.

I feel like poop and my self esteem is gone, since my hair is my source of self esteem on my body.

I was trying to get to a pastel pink like her’s because of Fluttershy from MLPFIM which I had been planning for over two months at this point.

My heart is shattered and I thoroughly believe she bleaches her hair more than once and longer than a half hour to get her color.

She is so lucky.

Any tips Leda?

Lol ; ;


@spookywanderings I actually did use a color remover called color oops before hand. It brought my root color out and lightened my brown but that was it. Like I said I’ve been dying my hair black for over a year so the natural pigment didn’t get restored :c


I was thinking the same thing, I wonder why the people at Sally’s suggested a freaking 20 developer then ; ; I heard it was more delicate and I have very thin/fine hair naturally so I was concerned about that of course. e-e I heard 30 is used for dark brown, and 40 for black really :c


Damn thats a high volume in a way xD I could see why that would come out so easily then. e-e any color really. Thanks for your intel everyone!

  1. chubbybunnyicons said: I reccomend a 40 volume.(I dyed my bangs from black to purple hehe), also use a pink dye (like Manic Panic’s cotton candy pink) and mix that with conditioner(make sure the conditioner’s color is white so it can lighten the dye). hope this helps :)
  2. gurl-with-the-unicorn-backpack said: i think leda uses a 40 volume developer :o
  3. people-a-la-mode said: You should use a color remover before bleach. If you bleach black hair it’s going to turn red. Ion makes a really good one, I suggest trying it then bleaching again and see what happens. C:
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