Who is Leda even going to hang out with at playlist live?? I'm pretty sure the only reason she hung out with anyone last year was because of Matt. I know she's talked to other youtubers a few times in the past but does she even have any youtube friends?

((Sorry late response)) I mean, she probably has other people from Youtube that she knows. Leda also has her own booth and such so she’ll probably be too busy meeting fans either way haha.

Where's the video that Leda and her friends made with the "happy" theme with "young blood' playing by the naked and famous?

No cluee to be honest o.o

I'm sorry, but I'm literally getting annoyed with people saying "why is there so much negative things" it's an opinion blog, people have their own opinions, wether it be nice or not. If you want good opinions seen on here then post your own. And let others post their own as well. You have yours and they have theirs. I'm sorry but really, if you're offended then scroll along or go to another blog. Not every one paints such a pretty picture.


do you know how leda knows ghost town?

They actually used a painting of her for one of their singles (i believe) and that led to ghost town eventually finding out who she was :-)

why do you think leda goes through so many changes in appearance? i've always noticed people make gradual changes but leda goes all out and goes from bright hair colors and bright clothes and happy attitude, and then overnight dark hair and dark mood. any thoughts?

Honestly, I believe it has to be because of the current boyfriend she is with during the time. For example, when she dated Nathan, she would stick to the fantasy theme because that’s what Nathan had a passion for. Then after Nathan, when she dated Alfredo, she started dressing more punkish/rockerish therefore introducing the undercut she got. With Matt she got a bit careless about her looks and more scene-ish I’d like to say and finally with Zach she’s changed to looking like him! Eyebrows and everything!

Just some input, Leda's fans didn't fans weren't attacking Nicole for copying Leda (from what I saw at least) they were just annoyed at Nicole because she was commenting on Leda's videos whining about Leda "stealing my whole look" even though she only did it for like a week. I can get her frustration but commenting on her videos will obviously attract the attention of Leda's fans, it was a silly move if you ask me.

is kat the only friend Leda really has anymore? or who's in her main group of friends?

I’m honestly not even sure anymore… She’s made so many new ones that I do not have knowledge of what their names are.

What color is her hair currently? I just can't keep up anymore lol

Light brown!

Drama about Leda &Nicole-- Nicole has had black and silver hair and worn dark eyeshadow under her eyes for years (it's a very bold look, sorry if my description makes it sound average) but Leda started doing that hair and makeup, I don't exactly remember when but she was living with matt and she has two videos of her like this. Leda's fans started attacking Nicole for copying Leda when it was the other way around and it was a lot of drama. Leda changed style soon after.

Oh, thank you for this info! :)