Hey just letting everyone know now, in case the message didn't get out, Leda is gone, she deleted all her accounts last night and she isn't coming back, it looks like ):

we are aware here at the blog.

heres our opinion:

leda honestly does alot of spur of the moment things. i wouldn’t worry to much, i think in a couple of weeks she’ll probably come back.

Lol I like how you say you're posting everything and then post nothing

ahh, im so sorry about that, im such an ass D: It was storming here, my electricity was off for four hours, and after it turned back on i barely had any energy.

I apologize for the lack of confessions!

I’ve been focusing hard on trying to study so i can skip a grade, but i’ll be posting all your confessions that you have sent us over the month tonight!

BTW, how do you feel about leda’s new pink hair? I honestly think it has made her a lot happier, is that just me?

send us opinions!

Leda never had an eating disorder. She went on a diet of mainly liquids and she excercised a ton to lose the weight. Just saying.

but anon, she has SAID before that she had an eating disorder.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pkg1gFQNFI at 1:01.

friendly reminder that we still want this blog as hate-free as possible! i will post negative comments, but they must be opinion based and not attacking leda!

Thanks guys!

I think leda looks fab with her blue wig...

ugh definetly *_* she looks so gorgeous on something not alot of people would be able to pull off. so jealous.

Is Leda removing all her tattoos?

as far as im concerned, she is. she says she wants to start acting, and so she wants to remove the tattoos to get roles easier. i’ll admit, i think shes doing it out of impulse though.

When Leda starts dating someone new, you can basically expect her to change her whole self to become similar to her new boyfriend.

i used to think that too, but i don’t think thats the case. i think she just finds things that her boyfriends like and then she later geniunely starts liking them.

What I want to know is: Where the hell is Leda getting all this money for her extensions, dyes, contacts, and cosplays? She can't be getting that much money from Youtube, considering she seems totally bored with it now...

i think she gets it from her parents. after all, she is an only child and her parents are divorced.

are cristy and leda still frineds anymore? i heard some rumors about a fal out with cristy, mary and serena?

they did have a fall out. crusty and leda definetly aren’t friends anymore. I heard that leda apologized to serena, but they just stopped being friends. as for mary, zack(leda’s new boyfriend) is the mary’s ex, and i heard leda asked mary if it was okay for her to date zack, so i think they’re in okay terms(?).